About B-Hazz

B-Hazz is an INDEPENDENT hip-hop & pop singer/songwriter from Buffalo, New York. B-Hazz has always been on a mission to have his name in the limelight and be heard by the entire world. He writes all of his music and creates an emotional connection to the world through every word. His lyrical content is one of his most impressive traits as he writes about heartache, the come up, struggles in his life and much, MUCH more.

B-Hazz stays busy constantly strategizing, writing, recording, producing, and releasing new music. Yes… it is most definitely safe to say that B-Hazz has a large array of music in his portfolio.

After years of sleepless nights, hard work and dedication to his craft emerges B-Hazz with his elite lyrical content. In his early life as a child, B listened to a collage of different artists and bands ranging from rap to r&b to rock. He plays many instruments including: guitar, bass, piano, drums, violin, ukulele, and his voice of course. The very first instrument he learned was the violin which he started playing in 4th grade. B-Hazz then picked up the guitar in 5th grade, learned he could sing in 6th grade, and the rest is history! After being in and out of pop-punk and indie rock bands as lead vocalist and bassist, he ventured solo and began releasing acoustic material.

2016 - a monumental year of change.

B-Hazz came out strong and released his first official song as a pop/rap artist entitled, ”She Come Back” on January 3rd, 2016. He continued to steadily release more music leading up to his first official single, “See It In My Eyes” featuring Lil Poppa produced by CashMoneyAP. As a dedicated artist, B-Hazz constantly releases multiple tracks showcasing his creativity. These tracks exhibit his many talents, showing that B can sing, rap and utilize a variety of vocal techniques. He has stated that many of these releases have helped him grow and discover his true potential as an artist.

His distinct, smooth singing voice, unforgettable melodies and relatable lyrics, combine to create an impactful and unique lane of his own. No one can match.

All of his music portrays vast emotion and makes it easy to connect with his words. B is inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Green Day, The Weeknd, Mayday Parade and Panic! At The Disco.

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